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Leadership • integrity • courage • strength

Valor looks beyond itself.

Valor inspires one to look toward a bigger, more meaningful existence.
We are a school for the Valorous.


Education at Valorous Academy

We have three primary branches of education that allow us to build Biblical truths and practical leadership skills into academic excellence at every level.

Valorous 4K Program

4K sets the tone for your child‘s development. Purposeful play helps your child communicate, collaborate, create, and think critically – all while learning educational skills and discovering the amazing things in the Bible.

Valorous K-12 Academy

Our private, nonprofit, non-denominational Christian school located in North Myrtle Beach, SC. We offer personalized education with a focus on leadership, community, biblical values, and fine arts.

Valorous College

Earn your degree, at your pace, online with courses in Apologetics, Bible, Theology, Leadership, Ethics, and more. Great for anyone looking to go into full time ministry, as well as all who aspire to live a life of God-given purpose.

A commitment to developing the next generation of leaders.

At Valorous Academy, our heart for each of our students is for them to discover and live out their God-designed purpose and potential. We’ve been investing in students with this aim in mind since 2018.

Scholastic Excellence Meets Meaningful Experience

In each of our educational branches, we aspire for our students to have opportunities to excel in and out of what’s reflected in a gradebook. With enrichment and extracurricular activities like field trips, fine arts, sports, guest presentations, and one-on-one time with teachers and faculty, Valorous Academy is a place where students can begin to discover and develop in their God-given gifts.


“I believe more now than ever that it is so important that my daughters are not only being raised in a God-centered home but that they are also receiving a God centered education that will truly help them be set up for success as adults. Success to my husband and I is that our daughters know who they are in Christ, that they are equipped to face the challenges that come their way, and that they do not cave to what the world believes or say they should do or what the world says about them. When a child is as secure as they can be and grounded in their heart, we believe that is successful and that they will be successful in the direction of the career they chose."
–Karen H.
“The classroom sizes have helped not only with more individual attention, but also has become my children’s family. We aren’t just another student or another family in a huge school. Special bonds are being made along with a great education... You’re getting more one on one education as well as a caring family to help grow and mentor your children!"
–Jillian S.

We're Moving!

Wondering where our new home will be beginning with the 2022-2023 School Year? Check out this map!