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K-12 Academics

While we are primarily based on the Abeka curriculum at each grade level, we are big believers in hands-on and project-based learning to help core teachings stick.


For all core classes, the basis of our curriculum is Abeka. Teachers are encouraged to expand upon the base curriculum depending on the needs of their class. Valorous Academy values projects which demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a given subject.

Bible study is a recognized part of the curriculum at Valorous Academy.

The Bible says that the wise accumulate knowledge—it is a true treasure (Proverbs 10:14). We use a variety of methods to accommodate each student’s individual learning style.

Success is a Team Effort

Bible-based education requires three components in order to make a successful school career for students: the home, the school, and the church.
Valorous Academy partners with the family and the church to build the student’s character, leadership, biblical knowledge and application, reasoning, and problem-solving skills, all while placing the highest value on the importance of gaining a solid educational foundation.


Family involvement and support is one of the most important parts of your child's success in and out of school. We aim to cultivate positive relationships with our families and provide as much support as possible.

Valorous Church

A vibrant and welcoming non-denominational church in North Myrtle Beach, SC. The mission of Valorous Church is to bring people into a relationship with Jesus, help them discover who God says that they are, and equip them to live meaningful lives that bring others to Jesus.