Impacting the Community
Investing in the Next Generation

When you become a Valorous Academy Sponsor, you are partnering with our staff in raising up a generation of leaders, world-changers, and Christ-followers. By coming alongside the vision and mission of Valorous in this way, your impact is tremendous and has lasting effects. We are grateful for every one of our sponsors.

Beyond benefiting our students, your sponsorship has the potential to grow your business or organization.

There are multiple levels you may choose to partner with Valorous as a sponsor. While greater investments come with greater business benefits, know that a sponsorship at any size is able to make a difference. Talk to our team about how your business can partner with Valorous Academy.

Be A Proud Sponsor

Corporate sponsorships receive additional recognition for committing to semi annual or annual donations totaling over $25,000. Stay tuned for more information on sponsorship tier benefits or contact us to discuss how you’d like to contribute to sponsoring Valorous Academy. Donations of any size are welcome through our portal.


$500 - $5,000


$5001 - 15,000


$15,001 - $25,000



Sponsorship Portal

Sponsorship gifts are processed through Simple Donation.