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Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

We are a private, nonprofit, non-denominational Christian school. We offer personalized education with a focus on leadership, community, biblical values, and fine arts.

Committed to the scholastic, spiritual, and holistic development of your kids

Our passion for the personal and progressive development of students runs deep within our leadership team. We are proud of seeing students’  lives transformed by Jesus by sharing biblical principles throughout the school day and at extracurricular events. 

The staff and faculty love to partner with families to develop students in leadership, so that many generations to come will learn what it means to walk in their purpose. Couple this with a stellar educational experience and this is what we’re all about!

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Excellence in Education

Explore more about the scholastic aspect of the rich, Christ-centered education we offer for grades K-12.


How To Apply

When you're ready to enroll your student at Valorous, we're here to help. See our Admissions page to start the process.

Tuition + Fees


View our tuition and fees schedule. Contact our team with any questions or for more information.

Falcon Proud

Valorous Academy’s mascot is a falcon. At Valorous Academy, the falcon represents ambitious thoughts, audacious hope, and aspirational courage.

A few fun facts about falcons that inspire us:

  • The falcon is the fastest-moving animal on Earth!
  • They can be found in many types of habitats, including deserts, mountains, rivers and coasts, forests, and tundras.
  • Falcons are known for their speed, agility, and precision.

Beyond academic excellence...

There’s so much more to your child’s educational journey than classroom learning. While we hold our students and teachers to a high standard in the academic aspects of Valorous Academy, we pride ourselves in having an array of extracurriculars and offerings to give your child an advantage well beyond their academic years. 

Want more?

Our admissions team would love to connect with you on a personalized level. From taking a tour to navigating the admissions process, if your family is interested in more about Valorous Academy, we're here to help. Fill out our inquiry form today!

Documents + Resources

Family Handbook

See If We're The Right Fit

Check out our Family Handbook for a deep dive into our policies, expectations, commitments, and more.


See What We're Up To

See the year from a birds-eye view––or should we say a Falcon's eye view? We recommend printing this out and keeping it handy when planning family schedules

Accreditation and Merits

We pride ourselves in aligning with the best of what private Christian education has to offer.


"Charley is so excited to go to school. She’s more social with her peers. Academically she is exceeding our expectations."
–Margaret S.
"The best thing about [Valorous] is when you are there you are part of the [Valorous] family. Everyone knows, loves, and supports your child. It truly takes a village and you know the employees truly care about the children."
–Amy P.
"[Valorous Academy] has had a very positive impact on our family in many ways, a genuine care of our son, a great education, and brings many positive conversations to our daily life outside of school about living in a Christian world where there is so much negative around us in this scary world. Never a bad day picking him up, all smiles and "had the best day" attitude most days!"
–Jennifer B.

More For Parents + Family

Before + After School Care

We're Here to Help

Supervised homework time, reading time, and recreation or free time for students in K-8th grade. (9th-12th grade evaluated on a case-by-case basis.)


It's A Family Thing

Get involved in with our Parent Teacher Connection (PTC) where parents and the school team up to promote and run events and fundraisers.
(It's free!)


Family Feature

“Valorous provided us a place for both our boys to get the education they needed.  Valorous also allows outside agencies to come in and work with our child whether it is speech , OT, PT , or ABA. They are open and willing to do whatever it takes for a child to grow in an environment that is healthy for them to make progress.”

–Tiffany B.